• Discreet Video Surveillance
  • Worker’s Compensation Investigations
  • FMLA Abuse Investigations
  • PIP Investigations
  • Bodily Injury Investigations
  • Pre-Trial Investigations
  • Activities/Alive & Well Checks
  • Witness Location/Recorded Interviews
  • Subpoena Deliveries

Reasons for Doing an Investigation

  • A request by an insured who is suspicious of the claimant.
  • A tip from an informant about a claimant’s activities.
  • Inconsistent complaints or allegations compared with medical reporting.
  • Suspicious circumstances surrounding the original accident or injury.
  •  Difficulty in reaching the claimant:
    • No Phone number
    • P.O. Box
    • Requests to leave message with a relative or friend
  • Short term employee.
  • Use of well known sympathetic doctor to confirm or extend ongoing disability.
  • Long term disability; possibilities of securing alternate source of income.
  • Low income job/lacks incentive to return.
  • Significant exposure to ongoing disability or possible jury award.
  • To properly evaluate the case.
  • Pressure to move case toward settlement or return to work.
  • To reduce the value of a claim:
    • Activities inconsistent with restrictions.
    • Additional or new employment.
    • Background information that is negative regarding the claimant.
  • CIB printouts reflect history of several claims.

Background and Activity Checks

Background Investigations and Activity Checks are designed to give you a brief capsule of the claimant’s life.

What is his or her police record? Does the claimant have a criminal conviction? What do local sources such as neighbors and retailers have to say about your claimant? Is this person’s lifestyle consistent with what is being presented to you as the benefit provider or defendant? Professional Claim Investigations can help answer these questions and more. We check a variety of sources and have access to a vast computer database that assists us in providing you with a complete overview of the type of individual you are dealing with. Don’t make any decisions without first having all of the available information concerning your claimant.

Video Surveillance

You have just received a phone call suggesting a claimant you are paying benefits to may secretly be working another job. The tip was received anonymously and you would like to find out if this information has merit. What can you do to transform this anecdotal information into potential claim-ending information?

Professional Claim Investigations is fully equipped to handle all of your video surveillance needs. We are professionally staffed with seasoned field investigators who are experienced in operating our high quality video equipment. Our fleet of surveillance vehicles allows us to travel anywhere in Michigan to capture film of the claimant entering his/her workplace or any other activities that may contradict current medical restrictions.

Going to trial with only verbal testimony of such activity can be risky. “A picture is worth a thousand words” was never more true. Video footage is nearly impossible for the claimant to refute.

Let Professional Claim Investigations obtain the surveillance video you need to help eliminate or reduce your loss exposure.

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